Our Story

Hello dear friends and kind souls, Welcome :)

My name is Laura and all the wonderful things here at LalaSol are those that I love to use, have, and of course... make. I have multiple facets and feel boxed in only making one thing. My neurodivergent self doesn't allow that and thank goodness because creating so many beautiful things and inspiring others to feel as good while maintaining sustainability and awareness is what drives me endlessly. I love expression in all the facets it can be. It's truly good for the soul. That is what inspires me every day in what I create and handmake- items truly good and wonderful for the soul... and therefore- self-love. Oh, that and my kiddies and hubby as well. They're love for this soul too :) They inspire me to do more and be more that's for sure!

Since I was a young child, I have always been a creative soul, an artisan, and one to explore making things. From writing to music to fashion to arts, I explore it all.

LalaSol started in 2018 as Little Lala Things originally as only upcycled clothing. I always made different things for personal needs, but upcycled clothing was my first product to put out in the world. I always believed in recycling and sustainable choices, so of course, upcycling was easy to flow into- taking a piece and giving it a whole new look, feel, style, and vibe! True OOAK (one of a kind) pieces and not landing in a landfill or goodwill. 

I can definitely say the trips to Italy and Portugal in 2018 and 2019 really allowed for reflection- Let's do more... be more in what we love and adore. I found myself having needs for certain things that are a part of my every day, that allow me to enjoy moments, and feel good around all the chaos life can bring. So we came back every time ready to level up. Little Lala Things evolved to LalaSol, as of course, it's easier on the tongue to say right? But, also because my nickname is Lala and boom obvious reasons- Sol is sunshine, light, inspiration, enrichment, and Love for the soul. 

From there, I put forth the intention to create and inspire in every passion, everything I do and put out. I wanted to create a collection of lovely things good for my soul, our earth's soul, and yours ! 

and so it is. 🌲