Or as we like to call it... Fun Facts !

Q. Customs/made to orders?

a. We do not make customs/ made to orders. With all due respect, we create art and everything is inspired in a moment in a time of our day and life in which we had to make the piece. When we accepted customs prior, we lost the passion and desire to create as it all felt assembly line mode. It was harder to push the creations as they were not the same level of inspired and fluid artistically made. There's a difference and to retain passion and creative juices, we do things this way :)  

WE DO HOWEVER, have slight mods we can do with our special creations.

  • We make our earrings for instance with leverbacks because not all ears are the same! some are stretched either intentionally to gauges or overtime naturally to where open hooks fall out and bam, we end up with a lost earring or both. if you prefer open hook, PLEASE reach out to ask the purchased piece to be modded for that hook desire. 
  • We do attach pendants to necklace cording we think coordinates best but if you desire a metal chain vs a fabric or vs leather cording, PLEASE reach out to ask the purchased piece to be modded for desire cording option. We will provide the options we have on hand for you :) 

Q. What materials do you use?

a. broad question with not-so-broad answer :) so FIRST and FOREMOST, we use always hypoallergenic materials. As myself has sensitive skin and special needs with my items, I factor that all in for the customer as well! Quality is essential. Quality means actually enjoying the product no matter your sensitivity. It used to be annoying how sensitive I would be to a lot but you know it's a SUPER power to allow knowing better for the customer! I truly feel that.

So the materials I find as quality to utilize is:

  • Aluminum for MINIMAL projects and is NOT used with jewelry type of products.
  • Copper is an amazing material of quality and is great natural or plated with silver or gold. 
  • Sterling Silver pure is my absolute favorite and moving forward, I am aiming to utilize this mostly. 
  • 12,14, &18k Gold is utilized and will be introduced more and more but not focal at the moment. The gold jewelry I use, is mostly gold plated copper (such as hooks) and other parts can be pure gold (such as wire wraps).
  • Glass with accent beads and other fixtures such as suncatchers sometimes. 
  • Genuine AA/AAA natural gemstones. Most is AAA grade and AA is selected when AAA is not available. If It is not graded as such, I do not source it as I pride in quality, making sure your special stone is less prone to weak spots and breakage. 
  • Upcycled/Recycled & Sustainable fabrics: That means things of fabric made by hand is created with sourced organic hemp, organic bamboo, and/ or organic cotton. I also utilize upcycling gifted and thrifted materials that are great condition and although some may contain plastics such as polyester and nylon- I am remaining sustainable by not buying new but upcycling and repurposing something in order for it not to be another thing in the landfills and something someone can give new life with it and not ordering from a fast fashion store instead !
  • This also includes sustainable materials for threading: Either cotton, brands known to contain none to little microplastics (for instance Guttermann) and if other such as poly or nylon- it is recycled/upcycled thread, not purchased new.

Q. What is your packaging like?

a. OKAY so, I utilize these AWESOME eco-mailers! Ones that feel like plastic but woohoo they're actually made of corn and 100% compostable! that's my main mailer option. Other packaging choices & things used would be: 

  • Kraft bubble wrap mailer for smaller fragile orders. RECYCABLE materials! Can put in your recycle bin just like cardboard boxes woohoo!
  • for bigger items that require a bigger box: I do upcycle and reuse boxes from things shipped to me ! your items still comes lavishly packaged cutely by me as I LOVE to do! But, sometimes the exterior if a bigger sized order/item will be a reused box. That might seem oh so unclean looking as a package from a business BUT THIS IS A CHOICE TO MAINTAIN SUSTAINABLE CHOICES rather than I ordering an abundance of new cardboard boxes to assemble and use more PLASTIC type packaging tape and create more waste. 
  • with that said, packaging tape that we use is clear plastic tape. We hate that too but we bought bulk in the beginning not realizing how that is a part of packaging that is not eco-friendly and easily overlooked... So, we are using up the last as we improve on with sourcing to use Kraft recyclable packaging tape going forward! It's all about knowledge and growth and choosing better eco-friendly options! 
  • interior packaging is recycled tissue paper and kraft wrap paper we have received with gifts, incoming packages, etc. We do source honey comb kraft packaging instead of using plastic bubble wrap for more fragile items. IF there is bubble wrap in your package it is 100% recycled from something sent to us and able to be reused. we urge all to recycle bin it or continue to reuse! :) 
  • lastly, for interior we utilize jute gifting bags, cloth/linen gifting bags, or upcycled organza bags. Again, to use items that can be recycled, reused, and broken down naturally if they were to end up in the landfills. 

* Note: items that are purchased by my thrift/ reselling items accounts and platforms (things not made by me) will either be packaged similar or I will utilize it's original packaging first. That may mean it's not as LalaSol product packaging as I try to maintain the original brands packaging and then add the cuteness that I can to it :) 

Q. Return Policy?

As a small business owner,
At the moment we do not accept returns.

Exchanges with same item are not an option as most things are unique and one of a kind- but if you send back your purchase, assuming shipping costs, we can definitely work with you for replacing the item with something else you may love!

We also do not play victim to those who try to misuse our replacements. We will work with you to replace the item with a new item once the return item is received proper. 

Please ask questions if any before purchasing, so that we feel good about you feeling good <3 Integrity & healthy communication is SEXY.

Q. Processing & Shipping Policy?

a. WE STRIVE ON SAME OR NEXT DAY SHIPPING YOUR ITEM. However, if you order on a Friday, it is logical to understand that it means your item is most likely being shipped out on Monday or Tuesday ( a next business day ) as most Post offices close early on Saturdays if open any.

If there is any abnormal situation in which we are out of town briefly or if there is an item (for instance oils) ordered while in middle of batches, it will absolutely be communicated for a different realistic timeframe. Previous customers can attest to that as again, integrity & healthy communication is everything to us.