Sink or swim.

Sink or swim.

Just a little blip, a poem that resonated after my week of feeling less inspired. 

The further I go along, the more I see others inspired and creating and doing similar...Copycatting sometimes exactly... More and more and more it's happening...

and although I say and know it's a compliment and a beautiful creative community...(I truly know it and always will be the one to lending the advice and tips out bc creative flow is the ultimate life joy!)

But, Sometimes I def get in my head of well if it's all being oversaturated... What am I even doing anymore? They're shining out and I see everyone favoring them more... Buying theirs and mine is just ignored anymore... 

Why am I in the shadow when I was creating it all first ? I mean I know I'm not the first one to make the things I make but in the life bubbles that surround me? Yes I was.. and then boom. Oversaturated.. see? Def in my head. 

It's so damn toxic. 

And so I had to realize I love these ppl, I love their inspired work, and that I'm so so blessed to be surrounded by those who match my energy ! As opposed to those who clash with mine which I've had in my past and that's a level of toxic that took so long to rid and boundary away !

And so what does it come down to ? Giving up and feeling crappy ? No, it's inspiration to keep going! To level up and stand out further ! To keep being the inspirer ! To evolve 💜🦋 

And so I turned off my brain, by writing this poem before bed so I could finally rest💜: 

          I am in control.
                  It's up to me to
         determine my fate.
           I can drown weak and dull,
       Or I can elevate ✨💜

                                               -me 🫶

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