I was meant to have a daughter…

I am a PROUD MOM of two boys and knowing I couldn't afford to properly take on anymore, I decided after Rowe vs Wade was turned… to have my tubes removed. 

I don’t regret the path I chose, howeverrrrrr it leaves me in the phases daydreaming of a daughter I was meant to have: 


I was meant to have a daughter
I was meant to be her best friend
I was meant to put her in beautiful dresses
And take her by the hand.

I was meant to have a daughter in any style she came, through chapters and growth
Anything to ignite her inner flame

I was meant to braid her hair at night
And sing her Disney princess songs while holding her closely tight
To let her pick out all her fave stuff from frogs and rocks to stickers and glittery things.

I was meant to dress her up in cute matching fits until she would thinks its lame,
To love her even through rolled eyes
Arguing about silly stuff like her daddy’s curls she got that wouldn’t tame

I was meant to show her how to do mascara,
Lipstick, and older teenage things,
To show her all genres of music
And to dance in the rain

I was meant to teach her moral wrongs n rights,
To be smart and safe, with no debate if red flags went off,
To be emotionally intelligent to talk it out, so all could sleep better at night

I was meant to have favorite shows together to binge with all the snacks,
I was meant to hold her even closer when she has panic attacks,
I was meant to drive her around at night singing Celine dion,

For I was meant to have these special moments I got as a daughter from my mom 💜

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