2022 life lessons

2022 life lessons

Well, 2022 what a ride…

We revamped over to Shopify.

We hit levels of depression we said we’d never hit again after 2018’s depression. 

We started a new project of gemstone jewelry that has brought so much joy and beauty, challenges, and grand wonder. 

We finally dived into Stranger Things and must I say, it’s up there with LOTR, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Star Wars, and many other Fandoms that are SSS tier. 

We finally packed up the things that no longer served us, donating and selling. 

We finally started further on clothing again. It’s been since the baby came… 2.5 years holy cow. (and I love cows) 

We took a long look at ourselves, realizing regardless of choosing upcycled, thrifted, and/or organic plant fabric choices for clothing… we were addicted to clothes. HELLO YES WE LOVE FASHION.

But being a fashionista, one must be responsible too. Sustainable fashion is the passion and the biggest life lesson that has been ringing true for all of 2022? 


Less allows you to see things more clearly.

Less allows your spaces not to be cluttered and therefore, cluttered mentally. 

Less allows you to truly see your favorites and precious things more clearly, to have them out in use… not hanging collecting dust… and that goes for art, face creams, clothing, books, etc. 

Learning this truly and it not being a phase of “minimalism”, allows one to save more and create less waste. Yes you’re one person but as a whole we all need this lesson and I truly feel the more of us that learn this, the more can truly make an impact…

…. On our mental wellbeing, on our home environment, on others, and on our beautiful planet’s health. 


What did 2022 teach you the most this year? What did you gain, lose, or revamp this year? 


Love always, Lala

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