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RollOn Oils 5ml

RollOn Oils 5ml

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Love essential oils? Love perfumes? Aromatherapy? Love all-natural products ? Hello, it's here to be worn to smell good, nice, and maybe with a little bit of spice! Whether you're just wanting something to fill your senses in all the smell good ways or to wear something like perfume but not as heavy or unknown chemicals, these oils will fill those needs! Just another item that is: Loveeeee For the Soul. We have various sizes.




-White Sage

-Mint (peppermint and catmint)

-Tobacco Whiskey & Caramel






**** Of course disclosures we gotta do:

-Keep out of children's reach

-do not ingest

-avoid contact with eyes and other parts of your body that could be sensitive.

-topical use only: not diffuser concentrated oils.

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