Promos & Loyalty Program

How to save and get Lalasol Promo codes ! :) 

Of course the easiest way to save is to stay up to date by joining the facebook group, following the facebook page, and our IG account for deals and promos announced. 

Other options

  • There's the email signup at the bottom of the page! :) Sign up for a one time 10% off code. 

We also have a loyalty program that beats other types of loyalty programs.

  • You can score an ongoing 10% off code for being a returning customer! That means after you have ordered for the first time (hopefully utilizing the email sign up code), you receive a special code that never expires for you to use for every order you make as a returning customer! *loyalty codes are non-shareable and is registered to the information you used with checkout/your email/ etc.

*any issues like using new info, please reach out as we can easily verify your prev orders and fix the code for you :)