Release the Stuff

Release the Stuff

There comes a time... 

I didn't know it was happening. I kinda needed it years ago but we are here. 

Where things hit diff. Where things you found comfort in and loved as treasure just becomes stuff. 

I mean yes I have things that are special. But how special is it if you have too many things? They're just stuff. 

I want real fullness. The feeling I get when I snuggle my boys, when I get to hug one of my best friends I haven't gotten to hug in so long, when I make and create things that just flowed out. . . I want the fullness I feel when I visited Portugal with only what I had in my suitcase and a backpack. To the adventure. 

Not this falsehood in stuff. 

I want what I make to give you the special feels it gives me to make but not be stuff. I want it to be that thing you make sure to have in your suitcase when it comes down to it. I want you to enjoy my things as you pow around adventuring too ♥

I'm going to repurpose more from my personal stuff, release, and recycle. 

I'm going to probably make a shop my closet section on the site soon and keep donating to women shelters.. to find comfort in treasuring my things and releasing the stuff to be treasure to someone else. ♥

I hope In a years time, I have healed and released and everything of a goal to be rich in experience and not surrounded by stuff! 

The most purest form of happiness is those who don't need much, but just grateful for what they have and do. ♥

Gratefulness and kindness.The keys to life, they are :)

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