How bout that Merc Retro

How bout that Merc Retro

Hola Merc retrograde 

We always chalk these periods up to reason for ruin and bad luck. But let's change up our perspective, as energy is what we are given and what we put in is what we put out. Sometimes these periods tell us to not overdo.

*Mercury retrograde can be a time of life lessons. It's a time to pause, not force, and reflect.
*Mercury's retrograde this round is in Taurus ♉ being ruled in Venus- it is energy forward of communion and communication. . One should stay grounded with the lesson of "believing is deserving". Hang back, be okay with the calm, not rushing through viewing it as stagnant, but as a reset refresh period of energy. If you're completely restless- go hiking, foraging, dancing, etc to release and yet grounded 

*In the words of the brilliant astrologer David Odyssey, “At stake over this retrograde are matters of value. How do your salary, wardrobe, communications, and daily life reflect your inner self worth? Where have you sold yourself short, under-earned, or left yourself compromised? And, conversely, where have you let yourself slide into self-aggrandizement, spending far beyond your means and avoiding reality? Taurus is all about embodied power, about declaring our inner wealth through outer expression. Whether you’re living larger than you can afford to, or keeping yourself benighted to please others, it’s time to reset the scales.”


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