2022  ✨

2022 ✨

Ride the ride. It is the journey of special small little moments. Not the destination. we all have the same destination so what type of journey are we enjoying?
This 2022,
Let us enjoy the moments, our senses, and the things content around us. Let us repair broken things, not just replace. Let us stop avoiding the harder things to release the weight and move on to better. Let us roll up our sleeves and go for what makes us happy, not what is just comfortable and safe. Let us be soft-hearted, tougher skin, patient with all, and kind to others and ourselves.
Let us blossom like a flower, flow like the wind, dance like the swaying trees, sing like the birds, play like we're 4 years old again, and spread our wings like the luna moth or monarch butterfly we are.
Let us cozy up like mushrooms and enjoy even the overcast days for snuggles. Let us soak in the sunshine as if we are the rainbow after a rainy day.
Let us dance in the moonlight as she gives us renewal energy for the next day.
Let us just be whatever we can and want to be.
Life has waves, ride them. Just keep going. (or keep swimming as Dory would say)
This year won't be better or worse than any in the past, it will just have different chapters. Just simply, Enjoy the journey.
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